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WoW: Legion pre-patch released
July 19, 2016

WoW: Legion

Today is a happy day for all you WoW fans – as the Legion pre patch has hit the servers.

To read more about all new things coming up in this patch read up on

Rocket League: Release of new DLC
July 19, 2016



Rocket League is changing alot nowadays, not only can you now face PS4 users when gaming on a PC but you can also match up against Xbox. And for you guys who are used to Rocket League, you know that when Psyonix have released DLC’s before you get a set package of cars included in that DLC. Is this a trend for a couple of good changes?

This time you can buy the cars separately, where the prices are set to 1.99$ per car. To quote psyonix themselves:

“Priced at $1.99 USD per vehicle, each car has its own unique personality and inspiration. Whether it’s the Neo Tokyo-inspired, “Esper” and “Masamune” or classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Car vehicles, “Marauder” and “Aftershock,” there’s a little something for everyone regardless of your stylistic preferences.”

Here are two imges by Psyonix to demonstrate the cars:


marauder_aftershock NeoTokyo_Cars-1650x880


New CS server IP

We have changed to a faster and more stable internet connection and with that change, we have also received a new IP address for our Gaming servers.

For those using the hostname, no changes will have to be made, but those using the IP address will have to change to

CS 1.6

[SWE] :01: Dust2 ONLY  – /
[SWE] :02: Standard maps  – /
[SWE] :03: Mixed maps  – /
[SWE] :04: Fun maps  – /
[SWE] :05: AIM  – /

CS ProdMod

[SWE] :01: dust2/inferno – CSProMod 1.10  – /
[SWE] :02: Standard Maps – CSProMod 1.10
 – /
[SWE] :03: AIM maps – CSProMod 1.10
 – /
[SWE] :04: CSDM – CSProMod 1.10  – /

Happy new year
December 31, 2014

On behalf of the n3xt Gaming team, I would like to wish you all a happy new year and a 2015 with lots of happiness, joy and of course luck for both you and your families.

n3xt Gaming is looking forward to a 2015 with lots of new stuff. We have already done a lot of improvements during the last few months and we will be kick starting 2015 with more great news. Our Public servers have started to become more active, thanks to our old admins and faithful players. Just to mention a few: Stukad, Doggybag and of course prx these guys have done a tremendous job keeping our dust2 server active.

As something new, we have started to link our Ban list together with our Stats, this means if a player get banned, he will automatic be banned in our stats system to avoid taking points for our trustworthy players.

Again, a happy new year to all of you.