n3xt - Reborn

n3xt Gaming started back in 2007 and was one of the biggest communities around in the Nordics. We had several successful servers running and some amazing admins, teams with a lot of great people around us. We've learned and we've grown.

We've been hacked and we have raised again and will continue to do so. But most importantly we've learned to minimized the impact of malicious users.

Several of the original people have decided to re-created n3xt Gaming to bring it back to it's old glory. And we're sure we'll succeed. We were known for having the best servers, with no compromise on hitboxes and performance in general. We will continue where we left off and we will strive to become the best again.
Everything is still work in progress, but most is running - We're still deciding on plugins, maps etc and the first server is running. This time around we have plenty of capacity to expand to whatever is decided and we would like people to come with suggestions as you have in the past.

Feel free to register on the site and get in touch, reach out to us on steam or whatever platform you have us on. If you'd like to contribute, we always have an open dialog as in the past.

Posted on November 7, 2022 by xPєcτ